Quick questions? Check these answers.

 1. What if my pets dislike to have drying time? Caresys pet dryer box will fix this problem?

Certainly! With Caresys products, your pets can enjoy a pleasant and stress-free drying experience. We understand that drying their fur can be uncomfortable for many pets, especially with the loud noise of regular hair dryers.

Luckily, Caresys has made significant improvements to address this issue. Our dryers are designed to minimize noise and create a calming environment. With 232 air nozzles, we ensure even airflow distribution and reduced noise levels. Additionally, we have transformed the high-pitched noise into soothing white noise, making the drying process more peaceful for your furry friends.

By choosing Caresys products, you not only provide a quieter drying experience for your pets but also ensure their comfort without unnecessary distress. Turn drying time into a relaxing and enjoyable moment for your beloved pets with Caresys.

2. What if I am having a hard time dry to bottom parts of my pets?

Certainly! The issue of feet and belly not drying well during the drying process is caused by water accumulation in those areas. It's a challenging problem to solve, even with well-designed products.

Firstly, we have optimized the airflow to ensure thorough drying by reaching every part of your pet, including their feet and stomach.

Secondly, our innovative design allows the air to disperse and flow out of the floor, ensuring efficient drying throughout the entire pet dryer box.

Lastly, we have incorporated a special material called diatomite on the floor. This material promotes quick water absorption, expediting the drying process and keeping your pet's stomach and paws dry and comfortable.

3. Is it possible to assembled and disassembled for clean up?

Firstly, all parts of the product, except the main body, can be effortlessly disassembled for easy cleaning with water.

Secondly, our Pet Dryer Box includes a built-in UV sterilization function that prevents harmful germs from multiplying, even if the product is not fully disassembled and cleaned after each use.

Lastly, the product is equipped with a reliable 3-stage filter to ensure clean air both inside and outside the machine. This means you won't need to constantly wash the machine thanks to its effective filtration system.

4. What if my pets hesitate to stay inside of pet dryer box?

We acknowledge that some pets may experience anxiety or discomfort when confined. Our product will help them adjust and feel more at ease, we recommend following these steps:

1) Allow your pet time to become familiar with the Pet Dryer box. Use positive reinforcement and rewards to help them understand that it is a safe and secure space. Start by leaving the door open and let them explore with curiosity. Place their favorite toys, blanket, snacks, etc., near and inside the dryer room to create a comforting environment.

2) Gradually introduce the drying process after showering once they are comfortable with the initial steps. Keep the door open during this time to ensure they feel more at ease. As they become accustomed to these routines, you can eventually transition to the standard operation mode.

3) Our Pet Dryer box is thoughtfully designed with a gap in the door to alleviate potential anxiety. Even when the sliding door is closed, your pet will not feel trapped. The design also allows outside noise to penetrate so that they can hear familiar voices, providing a sense of security.

5. Is it a perfect size for my pets?

Please see below,
1) Small / Medium Size: 96L is with External 19.68 (L) x 23.62 (W) x 22.83 (H) inch (Internal 16.92 (L) x 19.68 (W) x 17.71 (H) inch)

2) Large Size: 154L is with External 19.68 (L) x 29.52 (W) x 29.52 (H) inch (Internal 16.92 (L) x 21.65 (W) x 25.59 (H) inch)

Please check the size chart:

6. Is it safe for my pets?

Absolutely! It can be adjusted from room temperature up to 104°F/40°C and its built-in multiple safety configurations perform smart temperature control.

7. How quiet of your pet dryer box?

It has a quiet fan and Min dB is 40dB and depends on Auto-Preset dry modes, they are less than 59dB

Please check the DB Test:  

8. How long does it take to dry?

It takes about 15 minutes for short hair and about 30 minutes for long hair. Depending on the quality and amount of hair of the pet you are using, there may be a difference between the number of hairs. Wipe off the water thoroughly before using the dry room and comb it in the middle to dry faster.

Please check the detail drying time: