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Caresys Smart Pet Dryer Box (CP-1000)

Caresys Smart Pet Dryer Box (CP-1000)

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- Patented Airflow Circulation System: The patented design of the air circulation system, featuring air flow from 7 directions, ensures that the sensitive facial areas of your pets are not directly exposed to the wind, protecting them from the risk of conditions such as dry eye syndrome and keratitis while thoroughly drying their fur. It also provides Airflow circulation from the bottom pad area of the dryer box.

- Multi-Functional System: It provides 3 Dry Modes: Auto Turbo Dry, Gentle Dry, Cool Dry. 2 Care Modes: New Care, Walking Care. 2 House Modes: Warm House, Cool House. 1 Self Clean Mode: Self-Cleaning system for pet dryer box. (Do not put any pet while cleaning mode running!!) It also Included User manual set function too. Depending on the situation, you can use our multi-function systems and it will fit and satisfy for pet’s conditions.

- Adjustable Temp & Auto Preset: Caresys Pet Dryer temperature can be adjusted from room temperature up to 104°F/40°C and its built-in multiple safety configurations perform smart temperature control. It prevents temperature fluctuations and overheating commonly found in traditional hair dryers and ensuring a safe drying process. Depending on dry modes, the temperature is going to set by itself.

- Quiet Operation & Bio-Light Therapy: High and louder dB would bother and provide stress to your pets. However, our pet dryer is Operating at a quiet and low 40dB (House mode: 40dB, Care mode: 48Db, Dry mode: 56dB, Turbo Dry mode: 59dB), the dryer provides a peaceful environment for your pets. It’s also the LED module situated at the top of the box emits bio-light therapy, enabling effective skin care. This Bio-Therapy helps improve skin elasticity and reduce skin troubles.

- Capacity Size: CP-1000 model For Small, Medium size (96L) is with External 19.68 (L) x 23.62 (W) x 22.83 (H) inch (Internal 16.92 (L) x 19.68 (W) x 17.71 (H) inch) / CP-3000 model For Large size (154L) is with External 19.68 (L) x 29.52 (W) x 29.52 (H) inch (Internal 16.92 (L) x 21.65 (W) x 25.59 (H) inch)





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